Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Multi-Residential Properties:

Backflow prevention devices are required in Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) properties, as well as multi-residential properties of five or more units, where there is a greater potential for backflow situations causing contamination to the public’s water supply.

These properties must have a backflow prevention device installed after the water meter on the main domestic line and any sprinkler lines coming in from the public water supply line.

The potential hazard for cross-contamination varies for each type of property resulting in varied degrees of hazard to the purveyor’s system.

EOS Mechanical Inc. has the experience and expertise to work in all capacities to ensure cross-contamination of our public water system does not occur.

Our clients include commercial complexes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, workshops, factories, condominiums, town homes, fitness centres, parks, recreational facilities and more.

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