Providing you complete service for all your backflow prevention requirements including Surveys, Installations, Testing, Maintenance and Repair. Let us take care of the entire process from beginning to end.


Your backflow preventer must be tested after installation, repair, relocation or replacement and annually thereafter. The test determines if it is functioning properly, in accordance with your municipal by-laws and CSA Standards. Maintaining your backflow prevention device ensures contaminated water will not enter the public’s water system. As the property owner, it is important to know your responsibilities  read more

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Occasionally, your device will fail annual testing or show obvious signs of malfunction and require repair or replacement. The working condition of the device and its internal parts may be effected by age, usage, water conditions and installation configurations. We provide professional repair and replacement services to ensure your property is safeguarded. As per CSA Standards, replacement of any parts will only be performed using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts read more

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You will be provided with a complimentary site-check to determine which backflow preventer will provide adequate protection for your property. You will be provided with a detailed quote for approval. Once accepted, we take care of the entire process for you. From the permit application, to final inspection, we ensure you meet the local by-law requirements. The backflow prevention device will protect the public water supply against contamination from all degrees of hazards. Our qualified team is experienced with installing these devices in a variety of applications read more

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A survey of your property is conducted to evaluate the potential risk your property poses on the public’s water supply system. The survey lists all cross-connections onsite including current protection and recommendations.  read more

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Maintaining accurate records is key to protect you from liability if a backflow situation occurs.

We are diligent when creating reports for submission and maintain your service history. We strive to ensure that your responsibilities as a property owner meet the requirements of local by-laws and legislation. We also have a thorough understanding of each municipality’s Backflow Prevention/Cross-Connection Control Programs. This is our area of expertise, so let us take care of the entire process for you read more

Many municipalities in Ontario currently have posted Backflow Prevention/Cross-Connection Control Programs and are actively requesting compliance. These programs list in detail your responsibilities as a property owner. You may click on the link below to view these programs in detail or contact us to assist you through the process.

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