Peel’s Backflow Prevention by-law

As per Peel Region’s website, the Region is responsible under the Safe Drinking Water Act to safeguard and protect all municipal water system users.

In place since 2017, the Backflow Prevention by-law ensures the protection of our drinking water by stopping the backflow of contaminated water from private plumbing into our municipal drinking water.

The bylaw applies to all industrial, commercial and institutional facilities in Peel, as well as multi-residential homes and single homes over 600 m2.

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Summary of Property Owner’s Responsibilities

To comply with the program, you may be required to:

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Find a qualified vendor

You must choose a qualified vendor to complete your backflow prevention survey, backflow installation and testing. EOS Mechanical Inc. is qualified and remains a registered company with Peel Region.

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Compliance Letters

Property owners will receive a letter similar to the one shown below requesting a Cross-Connection Survey be completed for the facility within 90 days. Request a Cross-Connection Survey Quote

After a survey report has been completed and processed, Peel Region will send out another letter requesting all backflow upgrades be completed within a year of the survey date. Request a Backflow Installation Quote

Region of Peel Backflow Prevention Compliance Letter