After a backflow prevention device is tested, it may be determined that the device is not functioning properly and requires repair or replacement. The working condition of the device and it’s internal parts may be effected by age, usage, water conditions and installation configurations. It is expected that a devices will fail annual testing from time to time.

We provide professional repair and replacement services to ensure your property is safeguarded. As per CSA Standards, replacement of any parts will only be performed using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

We Provide Complete Service!

Let us take care of the process from beginning to end!
What you can expect:

  • Conduct a backflow test to determine if device requires repair
  • submit a repair estimate for approval
  • upfront pricing and best rates
  • experienced team of OWWA certified backflow testers
  • authorization to conduct work in your region
  • conduct repairs with minimal interruption to your property’s operation
  • perform re-test of repaired device (free of charge)
  • use of required forms, tags and procedures as set out by your local backflow prevention program
  • electronic reporting and archiving
  • submission of completed test report(s), supporting documents and applicable fees on your behalf
  • provide ongoing annual service based on future testing requirements

Electronic Reporting & Submission

EOS Mechanical Inc. will complete all required information for your backflow preventer device test report electronically. Completed reports are submitted on your behalf to your local backflow prevention/cross-connection control program administrator. Copies are provided to the client and electronically archived, should you ever require another copy in the future.