EOS Mechanical is a Backflow Prevention Specialist company that protects the municipalities' drinking water quality and safety.

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prevention/cross-connection control programs.

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Did You Receive a Notice to Comply?

Municipalities in Ontario are actively seeking compliance with Cross-Connection Control By-Laws and Programs. If you received a Notice to Comply (email or letter), you are required to hire a qualified backflow prevention specialist to ensure compliance. Some Notices are issued as reminders for upcoming due dates, while others are warnings that requirements are overdue. Regardless if a Notice is received, property owners are responsible for complying with applicable backflow prevention by-laws in their area.

What Service Does the Notice Request?

Contact us as soon as you receive the Notice to Comply, and we will help you to determine which service(s) you require. You may be required to do one or more of the following services:


Backflow Preventer Testing

Many do not realize the importance of Backflow Prevention and the conditions that can jeopardize the water quality. Backflow testing is conducted after the installation, repair, relocation or replacement of a device and annually after that in accordance with provincial codes and standards. Test Reports are submitted to the city/region on your behalf.


Backflow Preventer Installation

A backflow preventer device is simply a device that prevents backflow. The device must be installed to protect the isolation of the premises. This will protect the public water supply against contamination from all degrees of hazards.

Service Requests & Inquiries

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Cross-Connection Control Survey

A Cross-Connection Control Survey or Backflow Prevention Survey identifies potential hazards to the drinking water system. It is required for industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential facilities and enforced by various backflow by-laws across Ontario. We Provide Complete Service. Let us take care of the process from

We provide the best service with added value at no extra cost:

  • undertake all administrative aspects on behalf of the property owner
  • provide accurate reporting
  • submit completed reports to the municipality on your behalf
  • ensure property owner is compliant with backflow prevention programs and by-laws
  • provide quality workmanship that will meet and exceed inspection every time
  • minimal interruption to your business activities
  • follow-up for annual testing requirements