Durham Region's Backflow Program

As per Durham Region's website, on June 13, 2018 Regional Council passed Backflow Prevention by-law 24-2018, to implement a backflow prevention program that will add to Durham Region’s multi-barrier approach to safe drinking water. The by-law requires that a backflow preventer for premise isolation is installed, tested and maintained annually on all water services that could pose a hazard to the municipal drinking water system.

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Summary of Property Owner's Responsibilities

The program requires property owners to have the following completed by a qualified contractor.

Cross-Connection Survey

The survey identifies connections to the drinking water system and any potential on-site hazards that may exist. Hazards identified as severe or moderate will require the installation of a backflow prevention device. This survey must be completed every five years or after any of the following conditions are met:

  • A change of ownership.
  • A change in zoning.
  • A change in facility use.
  • A change in chemical use.
  • As required by the Commissioner of Works. 

Backflow Test & Reporting

The test report verifies backflow prevention devices have been installed, tested and maintained in accordance with CSA standards. All devices require testing and maintenance on an annual basis. 

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Qualified Contractor

EOS Mechanical Inc. is certified by the Ontario Water Works Association to conduct backflow prevention installation, testing, and maintenance. We are also registered with Backflow Solutions Inc (BSI), the administer of the backflow prevention program, as required.

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