The City of Vaughan’s Commercial Backflow Prevention By-law

As per the City of Vaughan’s website, on December 13, 2020, City of Vaughan approved a new Backflow Prevention By-law 177-2020 (PDF).  The updated Backflow Prevention By-law will help the City monitor hazards that could potentially contaminate the Municipal Drinking Water System.  The by-law will help protect over 1,200 km’s of regulated watermain and almost 100,000 water service connections that are monitored and maintained by the Water Services Department.

The goal of the Backflow Prevention Program is to ensure Vaughan’s water is safe for businesses and residents to drink and use.

The City of Vaughan’s Backflow Prevention Program and the Backflow Prevention By-law 177-2020 (PDF) is designed to protect the City of Vaughan’s water system to safeguard the quality of water being delivered to businesses and residents. This is done by the installation of a backflow prevention device that prevents the discharge of contaminating substances into the drinking water system. 

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Summary of Property Owner’s Responsibilities

To comply with the program, you may be required to:

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Qualified Company

You must hire a Qualified Company to conduct a Cross-Connection Survey or Backflow Testing and Repairs in the City of Vaughan. EOS Mechanical Inc. remains a Qualified Company and is registered with the City.

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