A backflow preventer device is installed at specific locations within the plumbing system to protect potable water against contamination from all degrees of hazards.


We Provide Complete Service

Let us take care of the process from beginning to end!
What you can expect:

  • experienced team of licensed plumbers and OWWA certified backflow testers
  • authorization to conduct work in your region
  • free site-check & detailed estimate
  • upfront pricing and best rates
  • obtain permits & engineered drawings on your behalf (if required)
  • minimal interruption to your property’s operation
  • use of required forms, tags and procedures as set out by your local backflow prevention program
  • electronic reporting and archiving
  • submission of completed test report(s), supporting documents and applicable fees on your behalf
  • coordinate inspection
  • meet required deadlines
  • provide ongoing annual service based on future testing requirements
  • We perform a wide variety of installations based on the degree of hazard identified, including:
    • Double Check Valve Assemblies
    • Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies
    • Pressure Reducing Valves
    • Hose Bib Vacuum Breakers

Our clients include commercial complexes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, workshops, factories, condominiums, town homes, fitness centres, parks, recreational facilities and more.