The Regional Municipality of Peel

A by-law respecting the prevention of Backflow into the Municipal Drinking Water System of The Regional Municipality of Peel.

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Property Owner’s Responsibilities

Property owners will receive a letter similar to the one shown below requesting a Cross-Connection Survey be completed for the facility within 90 days.

If any backflow preventers are currently installed and due for testing, these will have to be tested at time of survey and all reports submitted together. 

Contact us at anytime if you have questions regarding your facility.

Cross-Connection Survey & Testing

You may request a quote for a required Cross-Connection Survey  and Backflow Testing at your facility. We will need to know approximate square footage of facility, address, and a brief description of facility use (warehouse, manufacturing, retail, restaurant, etc.). Let us know if you are aware of any backflow preventers currently installed that require testing.

Backflow Installations

Once the Survey and Test Reports have been submitted, Peel Region will review and send a second letter requesting the property owner rectify any issues identified in the Survey Report. This usually includes installing one or more backflow preventers as required to comply with the Ontario Building Code and By-law number 10-2017.

If you have had a survey completed, you may contact us to provide you with a quote for the required backflow installations and to rectify any other deficiencies outlined in the Survey Report.

All backflow preventer installations require a permit application which must include a site plan, engineered drawing(s) and letter of commitment. All backflow preventers must be tested after installation.


As these programs are new, municipalities frequently restructure their processes and fee requirements. We understand that the steps and costs associated with meeting the by-law requirements are not always clearly understood.

For your knowledge, fees charged by the municipality can include the following:

All fees associated with the installation of any backflow preventer will be outlined on your quote, and will also include the following:

  • Engineered Drawing(s) (1 per backflow preventer) which includes a Letter of Commitment required for permit application
  • Time & Material
  • Backflow Test/Report

Qualified Person Registry

EOS Mechanical is registered with the Region of Peel as a Qualified Cross-Connection Control Specialist. We are authorized to conduct Survey’s, Installation, Testing, Service & Repair.

Trust the experts! Backflow Prevention is all we do!

Compliance Letters

Region of Peel is currently issuing the following letter:

Region of Peel Backflow Prevention Compliance Letter