Halton Region Cross-Connection Control Program and Backflow Prevention

As per their website, Halton Region’s Cross-Connection Control Program (CCCP) was developed along with other Ontario municipalities to protect public health by ensuring municipal drinking water is safe by preventing possible drinking water contamination from non-drinking water systems.

To prevent drinking water contamination, the CCCP oversees the installation and ongoing maintenance of proper premises isolation backflow prevention devices in industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) sector and multi-unit residential properties, and ensures compliance of the Cross-Connection Control By-law #61-11

Summary of Property Owner’s Responsibilities

To comply with the program, you may be required to:

  • Conduct a Cross-Connection Survey as requested by Halton Region
  • Obtain permit(s) and install the appropriate backflow prevention device(s)
  • Test the device(s) annually or more frequently as appropriate
  • Submit reports to Halton Region
  • Maintain the backflow prevention device in working condition at all times

OWWA Accredited Tester

Halton Region specifies that you must hire an authorized tester to conduct Cross-Connection Surveys, Backflow Testing, Service & Repair. EOS Mechanical Inc. is registered as an authorized tester with the Region.

Compliance Letters

Halton Region frequently sends notices requesting compliance with the by-law:

Notice of Annual Backflow Testing Due