The City of Vaughan’s Commercial Backflow Prevention By-law

Information about City of Vaughan’s new Commercial Backflow Prevention Program and the Backflow Prevention By-law 004-2018 (PDF) are now available. 

Property Owner’s Responsibilities

The City is currently sending out an Information Request Form to some property owners to help the City assess risk level, identify building type and summarize main business activities. Once a “Notice to Comply” letter is received, the form must be completed by the property owner and submitted within 30 days.

The Commercial Backflow Prevention Program will apply to all new and approximately 3,000 existing commercial, industrial and institutional properties as well as multi-use and mixed-use residential properties. 

Residential buildings that are more than three stories and/or have a footprint greater than 600 square metres, will also be included in this program. To find out more about the program and requirements, click on the link below to visit their website.