EOS Mechanical Inc. is dedicated to protecting the integrity of our drinking water for today and tomorrow. We are passionate about backflow prevention, which is why we specialize only in this area. We strive to bring awareness to the importance of backflow prevention and how poorly maintained systems can jeopardize our community’s health.


EOS Mechanical Inc. provides complete service ensuring you meet all the requirements of your local municipality’s by-laws and Cross-Connection Control/Backflow Prevention Program. This is our specialty. Let us take care of it from beginning to end so you can focus on your business. We take pride in our workmanship and will exceed the standards required for inspection every time. In addition, we take out the guesswork for future service requirements and will be sure to contact you prior to repeat service deadlines.

  • conduct cross-connection control surveys
  • submit drawings and obtain permits
  • install backflow prevention devices
  • perform backflow preventer device testing
  • coordinate inspection
  • submit test(s) and survey(s) to the municipality
  • provide the property owner with copies of survey(s) and test(s)
  • ensure applicable fees are paid to the municipality


EOS Mechanical Inc. proudly serves the GTA and surrounding areas. We are experienced working with various municipalities and ensure our clients meet the unique requirements of each backflow prevention program. We take responsibility to remain current with any changes to municipal by-laws.


Backflow prevention devices are required in Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) properties, as well as multi-residential properties of five or more units, where there is a greater potential for backflow situations causing contamination to the public’s water supply. These properties must have a backflow prevention device installed after the water meter on the main domestic line and any sprinkler lines coming in from the public water supply line. The potential hazard for cross-contamination varies for each type of property resulting in varied degrees of hazard to the purveyor’s system. EOS Mechanical Inc. has the experience and expertise to work in all capacities to ensure cross-contamination of our public water system does not occur.


  • Journeyman Plumber/Master Plumber
  • OWWA Certified Cross Connection Control Specialist
  • Member of the Ontario College of Trades