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Some municipalities are actively seeking compliance with backflow prevention by-laws. If you received a letter, you are now on notice and require service from a qualified backflow specialist. We can take care of the entire process for you!

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Backflow Testing and Inspection

Backflow testing is conducted after installation, repair, relocation or replacement of a device and annually thereafter in accordance with provincial codes and standards. Test Reports are submitted to the city/region on your behalf.


Backflow Installation and Permit

A backflow preventer device must be installed to protect the premise isolation. This will protect the public water supply against contamination from all degrees of hazards. Get a Free Site-Check and Estimate.


Cross-Connection Survey

A Survey is conducted to evaluate the potential risk your property poses on the public’s water supply. EOS Mechanical Inc. conducts surveys in accordance with local by-laws and CSA Standards to ensure you are in full compliance. If required, we will

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Annual backflow testing. Free site checks & estimates on all installations and repairs.

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